• Legislative Report Feb. 26, 2020

    February 26, 2020

    Roosevelt County Chamber's
    Legislative Report
    Feb. 26, 2020
    Budget Celebrated, Bemoaned
    The $7.6 billion state budget passed by the legislature and awaiting Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham's signature is an increase of over 7 percent. Democrats celebrated the money it provides for education and early childhood programs as well as pay increases for state workers. Republicans worry that the spending levels set dangerous precedents that obligate state government to future bills that we may not always have the money to pay if a downturn in the oil and gas market dries up revenue. To give you an idea of how quickly our state budget has ballooned note that in the last 30-day session in 2018 the approved budget was $6.3 billion. That is a little more than a 20 percent increase. We haven't read a breakdown of how much of that is recurring but that level of increase is worth worrying about.

    Military Dependent Licensure Bill Passes
    A bill of interest locally that we didn't get tracked down before deadline was HB 30 which will expedite licensure of military dependents and veterans. Locally, we knew that we were losing valuable talent as teachers and nurses and other professions because of the time it took for a military spouse to receive the required licenses in New Mexico. This helps both employers and military families. It was passed in both houses unanimously.

    Capital Outlay

    Roosevelt County stands to receive $3.8 million in capital outlay funding for a variety of projects. It's one of the best years we've had in a long time. The drought had been so severe on these monies that when we received $750,000 two years ago we were celebrating. Here's a list of the projects funded:
    * Dora Schools bleachers -- $75,000
    * Elida High School roof -- $150,000
    * Elida Waste Water System -- $500,000
    * ENMU Covered Storage Facility -- $350,000
    * ENMU Infrastructure Improvement -- $100,000
    * ENMU KENW Cameras -- $172,000
    * ENMU Roosevelt Hall Renovations -- $600,000
    * Floyd Schools Intercom System -- $100,000
    * Portales Kilgore Street Project -- $700,000
    * Portales Cemetery Backhoe -- $246,000
    * Portales Well Field -- $100,000
    * La Casa clinic roof -- $175,000
    * Roosevelt Co. HVAC -- $60,000
    * Roosevelt Co. Road Facility -- $250,000
    * Roosevelt General Hospital Equipment -- $250,000

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