• Legislative Report Updated for Feb. 5, 2020

    February 07, 2020

    Roosevelt County Chamber's
    Legislative Report
    Correction/Additions for Feb. 5, 2020
    Clarification on SB110
    In reading your legislative update I just wanted to clarify SB110 would likely remove local labor boards, not local unions. 
    It authorizes arbitrators to ignore public employers appropriations when deciding bargaining impasse cases and will likely require counties to reappropriate funds to cover the awards. This transfers the purse strings from local elected officials to out of state arbitrators. Additionally, it will allow employees to conduct union business on public employer paid time; requires public facilities to be used as union meeting halls at no cost and allows work email to be used for union business; creates the obligation to continue to negotiate even after an agreement is reached; expands the remedies of the state labor board and effectively eliminates local boards; allows unionization of public employers without elections and secret ballots; enables unionization without majority support of employees; and much more. 
    Amber Hamilton 
    Roosevelt County Manager

    Budget Bill Passes House
    The House passed the budget bill on a party-line vote on Wednesday. The measure now goes to the Senate. The bill proposes a 7.4 percent increase over the previous year and would give teachers a 5 percent raise, other education workers 4 percent and state workers 3 percent.

    Red Flag Bill Passes Senate
    Friday afternoon SB5, the so-called Red Flag Bill, passed the Senate floor on a narrow 22-20 vote. With just 12 days left in the session, it now moves to the House where a similar measure passed last year.

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